1. Introduction

  2. Implications of strong gravimagnetism for TGD inspired quantum biology

    1. The theory of Tajmar et al for the anomaly of Cooper pairs mass

    2. Is the large gravimagnetic field possible in TGD framework?

    3. Gravitational Mother Gaia and life

  3. Water memory and pre-biotic life

    1. Exclusion zones as prebiotic cells

    2. TGD view about homeopathy, water memory, and evolution of immune system

    3. Direct empirical evidence for dark DNA?!

    4. Is replication of magnetic body behind biological replication?

    5. Quantum model for metabolism

    6. Humble origins of DNA as nutrient - really humble?

  4. Jeremy England's vision about life and evolution

    1. Basic ideas of England's theory

    2. What is missing from England's theory?

    3. How does England's theory relate to TGD?

    4. Could one apply the thermodynamical approach of England in TGD framework?

  5. More precise view about remote DNA replication

    1. Some background

    2. Does remote replication apply same mechanism as mimicry of invader molecules in the case of water memory?

  6. Remote replication again

    1. Three variants of genetic code

    2. An objection against bio-harmony

  7. DDNA-DNA, DDNA-DDNA, DDNA-exotic DNA pairings

    1. DNA and DDNA codons

    2. What various pairings do look like?

  8. TGD inspired model for the formation of exclusion zones from coherence regions

    1. CDs and EZs

    2. TGD inspired model for CDs and EZs

    3. Is a new source of metabolic energy needed?

  9. Was ribosome the first self-replicator?

    1. Trying to catch the idea

    2. How the pre-ribosome as first replicator relates to TGD approach?

  10. Potential"missing link" in chemistry that led to life on Earth discovered

    1. The problem and its possible solution

    2. How could the discovery relate to TGD inspired quantum biology?

  11. Some aspects of TGD inspired quantum biology

    1. The notion of magnetic body

    2. Hierarchy of Planck constants, space-time surfaces as covering spaces, and adelic physics

    3. What can one say about the detailed anatomy of the MB?

    4. Water memory and homeopathy

    5. What the view about magnetic body could mean at the level of DNA and other basic bio-molecules?

    6. Multilocal viruses