1. Introduction

  2. More about twistor lift of Kähler action

    1. Kähler action contains overall scale as a hidden coupling parameter

    2. The problem with cosmological constant

  3. Twistor lift of TGD, hierarchy of Planck constant, quantum criticality, and p-adic length scale hypothesis

    1. Twistor lift brings volume term back

    2. ZEO and twistor lift

    3. Hierarchy of Planck constants

    4. Magnetic flux tubes as mediators of interactions

    5. Two variants for p-adic length scale hypothesis for cosmological constant

  4. What happens for the extremals of Kähler action in twistor lift

    1. The coupling between Kähler action and volume term

    2. Twistor lift and the extremals of Kähler action

    3. Are minimal surface extremals of Kähler action holomorphic surfaces in some sense?

  5. About string like objects

    1. Two options for fundamental variational principle

    2. How to achieve low value of string tension?

    3. How does the gravitational coupling emerge?

    4. Non-commutative imbedding space and strong form of holography