1. Introduction

    1. Can one do without standard model Higgs?

    2. Why Higgs like particle is needed?

    3. The recent situation

  2. Background

    1. GUT paradigm

    2. How to achieve separate conservation of $B$ and $L$?

    3. Particle massivation from p-adic thermodynamics

    4. The conservation of em charge in TGD framework

  3. About the microscopic description of gauge boson massivation

    1. The counterpart of Higgs vacuum expectation in TGD

    2. Elementary particles in ZEO

    3. Virtual and real particles and gauge conditions in ZEO

    4. The role of string world sheets and magnetic flux tubes in massivation

    5. Weak Regge trajectories

    6. Low mass exotic mesonic structures as evidence for dark scaled down variants of weak bosons?

    7. Cautious conclusions

  4. Two options for Higgs like states in TGD framework

    1. Two options concerning the interpretation of Higgs like particle in TGD framework

    2. Space-time correlate for stringy mass shell condition and analog of Higgs expectation

    3. Microscopic description of gauge bosons and Higgs like and meson like states

    4. Trying to understand the QFT limit of TGD

    5. To deeper waters

    6. Criticality of Higgs: is Planck length dogmatics physically feasible?

  5. Still about induced spinor fields and TGD counterpart for Higgs

    1. More precise view about modified Dirac equation

    2. A more detailed view about string world sheets

    3. Classical Higgs field again