1. Introduction

    1. How to construct the TGD counterpart of unitary S-matrix?

  2. Physics as geometry

    1. Classical physics as sub-manifold geometry

    2. Quantum physics as WCW geometry

    3. Super-symplectic group as isometries of WCW

    4. About WCW spinor fields

  3. Physics as number theory

    1. p-Adic and adelic physics and extensions of rationals (EQs)

    2. Classical number fields

    3. General ideas about the construction of scattering amplitudes

  4. Proposal for a geometrization of S-matrix

    1. Kähler metric and the analog of S-matrix

    2. WCW metric is not enough for the analog of S-matrix

    3. Reduction of the analog of S-matrix to the Kähler metric in the space of WCW spinor fields?

    4. Some observations about Feynman propagator for fundamental quark field