1. Introduction

  2. How collective consciousness communicates with the individual?

    1. How societies of idiosts can behave intelligently?

    2. Semitrance as a basic mechanism of communication between collective consciousness and individual

  3. Basic notions and ideas

    1. Jaynes's and TGD based definitions of consciousness

    2. Bicamerality according to Jaynes and TGD

    3. How the developing collective consciousness coped with its challenges?

  4. Development of language

    1. General ideas about codes and languages

    2. Prerequisites for the development of language

    3. Scenario for the development of primitive forms of spoken language

  5. Semitrance and the development of civilization

    1. TGD based vision for the development of civilization

    2. Breakdown of bicamerality

    3. Religion and bicamerality

    4. Bicamerality in modern society

    5. Are we really the first ones?

  6. Semitrance and organisms as societies

    1. Semitrance and binary structures

    2. Organism as a cell civilization

    3. Cell as a society

    4. DNA and the analogy with the development of language