1. Introduction

  2. Lepto-hadron hypothesis

    1. Anomalous e+e- pairs in heavy ion collisions

    2. Lepto-pions and generalized PCAC hypothesis

    3. Lepto-pion decays and PCAC hypothesis

    4. Lepto-pions and weak decays

    5. Orto-positronium puzzle and lepto-pion in photon photon scattering

    6. Spontaneous vacuum expectation of lepto-pion field as source of lepto-pions

    7. Sigma model and creation of lepto-hadrons in electromagnetic fields

    8. Classical model for lepto-pion production

    9. Quantum model for lepto-pion production

  3. Further developments

    1. How to observe leptonic color?

    2. New experimental evidence

    3. Experimental evidence for τ-hadrons

    4. Dark matter puzzle

    5. Has Pamela observed evidence for the non-dark electropion of M89 leptohadron physics?

    6. Positron anomaly nine years later

    7. Could lepto-hadrons be replaced with bound states of exotic quarks?

    8. About the masses of lepto-hadrons

    9. Do X and Y mesons provide support for color excited quarks?


    1. Evaluation of leptopion production amplitude

    2. Production amplitude in quantum model

    3. Numerical evaluation of the production amplitudes

    4. Evaluation of the singular parts of the amplitudes