1. Introduction

    1. Some basic ideas of TGD inspired quantum biology

    2. Some questions

  2. The structure of the magnetosphere of Earth

    1. Magnetosphere

    2. Outer magnetosphere

    3. Basic structure of the inner magnetosphere

    4. Radiation belts and ring currents

  3. Frequency scales associated with the magnetosphere

    1. Cyclotron frequencies in magnetic lobes and plasma sheet

    2. Estimates for the natural frequency scales assignable to various parts of the magnetosphere

    3. Could one regard magnetosphere as a scaled variant of biological body?

  4. The model for heff preserving communications based on variable value of β0

    1. Conditions for frequency - and energy resonance

    2. Resonance conditions for communications from the Earth's surface to the magnetosphere?

    3. Magnetosphere as sensory canvas

  5. Further observations making bells ringing

    1. Magnetosphere as self-organizing system

    2. Connection with the Comorosan effect

    3. Plasma sheet as a "microchip"