1. Introduction

    1. Topics Of The Chapter

  2. Some aspects of TGD inspired quantum biology

    1. Is the cosmological constant really understood?

    2. The notion of magnetic body

    3. Hierarchy of Planck constants, space-time surfaces as covering spaces, and adelic physics

    4. What can one say about the detailed anatomy of the MB?

    5. Water memory and homeopathy

    6. What the view about magnetic body could mean at the level of DNA and other basic bio-molecules?

  3. Great Vision About Biological Evolution And Evolution Of Brain

    1. Basic Assumptions

    2. Dark Matter Hierarchy And Big Leaps In Evolution

  4. A model of Genetic Code as Fusion of Doublet and Singlet Models

    1. RNA World

    2. Programming Of Bio-Molecular Self Assembly Pathways From TGD Point Of View

    3. The Archeology Of TRNA Molecules As A Guideline

    4. Recent Genetic Code As A Fusion Of Singlet And Doublet Codes?

    5. Is RNA Era Continuing Inside Cell Nuclei?

    6. Could Nanno-Bacteria Correspond To Predecessors Of TheTriplet Life-Forms?

  5. Comparison Of McFadden's Views With TGD

    1. General Ideas

    2. Enzyme Action

    3. Quantum Evolution

  6. Jeremy England's Vision About Life And Evolution

    1. Basic Ideas Of England's Theory

    2. What Is Missing From England's Theory?

    3. How Does England's Theory Relate To TGD?

    4. Could One Apply The Thermodynamical Approach Of England In TGD Framework?