• Introduction

    1. Could artificial photosynthesis or nuclear energy be a solution to the energy problem?

  • Short summary about the history of CF and about its problems

    1. About the history of CF

    2. Key objections against CF

  • Why TGD and what TGD is?

    1. TGD as a solution to the energy problem of general relativity and as a generalization of super-string models

    2. Number theoretic physics, hierarchy of effective Planck constants, and dark matter

    3. Quantum measurement theory based on zero energy ontology and theory of consciousness

    4. The new view about quantum biology

  • TGD based model for CF

    1. Nuclear string model

    2. Pollack effect

    3. The observations of Holmlid

    4. What the dark nuclei associated with CF could be?

    5. A possible model for CF

    6. Does the model of CF force to modify the basic views about nuclear physics?

    7. The anomaly in the nuclear physics of Sun

    8. Some consequences

    9. How TGD could help in the development of CF nuclear technology?

  • The implications of .5 MeV and 3.5 keV monochromatic lines for TGD based nuclear model

    1. .5 MeV gamma ray signal

    2. 3.5-keV X ray signal

    3. Questions raised by the interpretation of 3.5-keV signal