1. Introduction

  2. About p-adic length scale hypothesis and dark matter hierarchy

    1. Some background

    2. New results about M8-H duality

    3. About p-adic length scale hypothesis and dark matter hierarchy

  3. Fermionic variant of M8-H duality

    1. M8-H duality for space-time surfaces

    2. What about M8-H duality in the fermionic sector?

  4. Cognitive representations and algebraic geometry

    1. Cognitive representations as sets of generalized rational points

    2. Cognitive representations assuming $M^8-H$ duality

    3. Are the known extremals in $H$ easily cognitively representable?

    4. Twistor lift and cognitive representations

    5. What does cognitive representability really mean?

  5. Galois groups and genes

    1. Could DNA sequence define an inclusion hierarchy of Galois extensions?

    2. Could one say anything about the Galois groups of DNA letters?

  6. Could the precursors of perfectoids emerge in TGD?

    1. About motivations of Scholze

    2. Attempt to understand the notion of perfectoid

    3. Second attempt to understand the notions of perfectoid and its tilt

    4. TGD view about p-adic geometries

  7. Secret Link Uncovered Between Pure Math and Physics

    1. Connection with TGD and physics of cognition

    2. Connection with Kim's work

    3. Can one make Kim's idea about the role of symmetries more concrete in TGD framework?

  8. Cognitive representations for partonic 2-surfaces, string world sheets, and string like objects

    1. Partonic 2-surfaces as seats of cognitive representations

    2. Ellipticity

    3. String world sheets and elliptic curves

    4. String like objects and elliptic curves

  9. Are fundamental entities discrete or continuous and what discretization at fundamental level could mean?

    1. Is discretization fundamental or not?

    2. Can one make discretizations unique?

    3. Can discretization be performed without lattices?

    4. Simple extensions of rationals as codons of space-time genetic code

    5. Are octonionic polynomials enough or are also analytic functions needed?