1. Introduction

  2. Does TGD allow the counterpart of space-time super-symmetry?

    1. K\"ahler-Dirac equation

    2. Development of ideas about space-time SUSY

    3. Summary about TGD counterpart of space-time SUSY

    4. SUSY algebra of fermionic oscillator operators and WCW local Clifford algebra elements as super-fields

  3. Understanding of the role of right-handed neutrino in supersymmetry

    1. Basic vision

    2. What is the role of the right-handed neutrino?

    3. The impact from LHC and evolution of TGD itself

    4. Supersymmetry in crisis

    5. Right-handed neutrino as inert neutrino?

    6. Experimental evidence for sterile neutrino?

    7. Delicacies of the induced spinor structure and SUSY mystery

    8. Conclusions

  4. Experimental situation

    1. Almost predictions related to SUSY

    2. Goodbye large extra dimensions and MSSM

    3. Do X and Y mesons provide evidence for color excited quarks or squarks?

    4. Strange trilepton events at CMS

    5. CMS observes large diphoton excess

    6. No SUSY dark matter and too small electron dipole moment for standard SUSY

    7. Leptoquarks as first piece of evidence for TGD based view about SUSY?

    8. SUSY after LHC

  5. SUSY in TGD Universe

    1. SUSY and TGD

    2. Could super coordinates of H be treated like super-octonion in M8?

    3. Could SYM action plus Super-Dirac action for quarks explain elementary particle spectrum?

    4. M8-H duality and SUSY

    5. How is the p-adic mass scale determined?