1. Introduction

    1. Is the analog of space-time SUSY possible in TGD?

    2. What happens when many-sheeted space-time is approximated with Minkowski space?

    3. What SUSY QFT limit could mean?

    4. Scattering amplitudes as sequences of algebraic operations

  2. SUSY briefly

    1. Weyl fermions

    2. SUSY algebras

    3. Super-space

    4. Non-renormalization theorems

  3. Does TGD allow the counterpart of space-time super-symmetry?

    1. Kähler-Dirac equation

    2. Development of ideas about space-time SUSY

    3. Summary about TGD counterpart of space-time SUSY

    4. SUSY algebra of fermionic oscillator operators and WCW local Clifford algebra elements as super-fields

  4. Understanding of the role of right-handed neutrino in supersymmetry

    1. Basic vision

    2. What is the role of the right-handed neutrino?

    3. The impact from LHC and evolution of TGD itself

    4. Supersymmetry in crisis

    5. Right-handed neutrino as inert neutrino?

    6. Experimental evidence for sterile neutrino?

    7. Delicacies of the induced spinor structure and SUSY mystery

    8. Conclusions

  5. SUSY algebra at QFT limit

    1. Minimum information about space-time sheet and particle quantum numbers needed to formulate SUSY algebra

    2. The physical picture behind the realization of SUSY algebra at point like limit

    3. Explicit form of the SUSY algebra at QFT limit

    4. How the representations of SUSY in TGD differ from the standard representations?

  6. SUSY after LHC

  7. Do supertwistors make sense in TGD?

    1. SUSY and TGD

    2. Do super-twistors make sense at the level of M8?