1. Introduction

    1. Does Equivalence Principle hold true in TGD Universe?

    2. Zero energy ontology

    3. Dark matter hierarchy and hierarchy of Planck constants

    4. Many-sheeted cosmology

    5. Cosmic strings

  2. Basic principles of General Relativity from TGD point of view

    1. General Coordinate Invariance

    2. Equivalence Principle

    3. The basic objection against TGD

  3. TGD inspired cosmology

    1. Robertson-Walker cosmologies

    2. Free cosmic strings

    3. Cosmic strings and cosmology

    4. Thermodynamical considerations

    5. Mechanism of accelerated expansion in TGD Universe

  4. Microscopic description of black-holes in TGD Universe

    1. Super-symplectic bosons

    2. Are ordinary black-holes replaced with super-symplectic black-holes in TGD Universe?

    3. Anyonic view about blackholes

  5. A quantum model for the formation of astrophysical structures and dark matter?

    1. TGD prediction for the parameter v0

    2. Model for planetary orbits without v0→ v0/5 scaling

    3. The interpretation of hbargr and pre-planetary period

    4. Inclinations for the planetary orbits and the quantum evolution of the planetary system

    5. Eccentricities and comets

    6. Why the quantum coherent dark matter is not visible?

    7. Quantum interpretation of gravitational Schrödinger equation

    8. How do the magnetic flux tube structures and quantum gravitational bound states relate?

    9. p-Adic length scale hypothesis and v0→ v0/5 transition at inner-outer border for planetary system

    10. About the interpretation of the parameter v0

  6. Some examples about gravitational anomalies in TGD Universe

    1. SN1987A and many-sheeted space-time

    2. Pioneer and Flyby anomalies for almost decade later

    3. Further progress in the understanding of dark matter and energy in TGD framework

    4. Variation of Newston's constant and of length of day