Two kinds of negentropic entanglements

The most general view is that negentropic entanglement NE corresponds to algebraic entanglement with entanglement coefficients in some algebraic extension of rationals. The condition that the outcome of state function reduction is eigenspace of density matrix fixes the density matrix of the final state to be a projector with identical eigenvalues defining the probabilities of various states.

But what if the eigenvalues and thus also eigenvectors of the density matrix, which are algebraic numbers, do not belong to the algebraic extensions involved. Can state function reduction reduction occur at all so that this kind of NE would be stable?

The following argument suggests that also more general algebraic entanglement could be reasonably stable against NMP, namely the entanglement for which the eigenvalues of the density matrix and eigenvectors are outside the algebraic extension associated with the parameters characterizing string world sheets and partonic 2-surfaces as space-time genes.

The restriction to a particular extension of rationals - a central piece of the number theoretical vision about quantum TGD - implies that density matrix need not allow diagonalization. In eigen state basis one would have has algebraic extension defined by the characteristic polynomial of the density matrix and its roots define the needed extension which could be quite well larger than the original extension. This would make state stable against state function reduction.

If this entanglement is algebraic, one can assign to it a negative number theoretic entropy. This negentropic entanglement is stable against NMP unless the algebraic extension associated with the parameters characterizing the parameters of string world sheets and partonic surfaces defining space-time genes is allowed to become larger in a state function reduction to the opposite boundary of CD generating re-incarnated self and producing eigenstates involving algebraic numbers in a larger algebraic extension of rationals. Could this kind of extension be an eureka experience meaning a step forwards in cognitive evolution?

If this picture makes sense, one would have both the unitary NE with a density matrix, which is projector and the algebraic NE with eigen values and NE for which the eigenstates of density matrix outside the algebraic extension associated with the space-time genes. Note that the unitary entanglement is "meditative" in the sense that any state basis is possible and therefore in this state of consciousness it is not possible to make distinctions. This strongly brings in mind koans of Zen buddhism and enlightment experience. The more general irreducible algebraic entanglement could represent abstractions as rules in which the state pairs in the superposition represent the various instances of the rule.

For details see the chapter Negentropy Maximization Principle or the article Impressions created by TSC2015 conference.