Burning salt water with radio waves and large Planck constant

This morning my friend Samuli Penttinen send an email telling about strange discovery by engineer John Kanzius: salt water in the test tube radiated by radiowaves at harmonics of a frequency f=13.56 MHz burns. Temperatures about 1500 K which correspond to .15 eV energy have been reported. You can radiate also hand but nothing happens. The orginal discovery of Kanzius was the finding that radio waves could be used to cure cancer by destroying the cancer cells. The proposal is that this effect might provide new energy source by liberating chemical emergy in an exceptionally effective manner. The power is about 200 W so that the power used could explain the effect if it is absorbed in resonance like manner by salt water.

The energies of photons involved are very small, multiples of 5.6× 10-8 eV and their effect should be very small since it is difficult to imagine what resonant molecular transition could cause the effect. This leads to the question whether the radio wave beam could contain a considerable fraction of dark photons for which Planck constant is larger so that the energy of photons is much larger. The underlying mechanism would be phase transition of dark photons with large Planck constant to ordinary photons with shorter wavelength coupling resonantly to some molecular degrees of freedom and inducing the heating. Microwave oven of course comes in mind immediately.

  1. The fact that the effects occur at harmonics of the fundamental frequency suggests that rotational states of molecules are in question as in microwave heating. Since the presence of salt is essential, the first candidate for the molecule in question is NaCl but also HCl can be considered. The basic formula for the rotational energies is

    E(l)= E0×(l(l+1), E0=hbar2/2μR2. μ= m1 m2/(m1 +m2).

    Here R is molecular radius which by definition is deduced from the rotational energy spectrum. The energy inducing transition l→l+1 is ΔE(l)= 2E0×(l+1).

  2. By going to Wikipedia, one can find molecular radii of heteronuclear di-atomic molecules such as NaCl and homonuclear di-atomic molecules such as H2. Using E0(H2)=8.0×10-3 eV one obtains by scaling

    E0(NaCl)= (μ(H2/μ(NaCl)) × (R(H2)/R(NaCL)2.

    The atomic weights are A(H)=1, A(Na)=23, A(Cl)=35.

  3. A little calculation gives f(NaCl)= 2E0/h= 14.08 GHz. The ratio to the radiowave frequency is f(NaCl)/f= 1.0386×103 to be compared with the hbar/hbar0=210=1.024×103. The discrepancy is 1 per cent.

Thus dark radiowave photons could induce a rotational microwave heating of the sample and the effect could be seen as an additional dramatic support for the hierarchy of Planck constants. There are several questions to be answered.

  1. Does this effect occur also for solutions of other molecules and other solutes than water? This can be tested since the rotational spectra are readily calculable from data which can be found at net.

  2. Are the radiowave photons dark or does water - which is very special kind of liquid - induce the transformation of ordinary radiowave photons to dark photons by fusing 210 radiowave massless extremals (MEs) to single ME. Does this transformation occur for all frequencies? This kind of transformation might play a key role in transforming ordinary EEG photons to dark photons and partially explain the special role of water in living systems.

  3. Why the radiation does not induce spontaneous combustion of living matter which contains salt. And why cancer cells seem to burn: is salt concentration higher inside them? As a matter fact, there are reports about spontaneous human combustion. One might hope that there is a mechanism inhibiting this since otherwise military would be soon developing new horror weapons unless it is doing this already now. Is it that most of salt is ionized to Na+ and Cl- ions so that spontaneous combustion can be avoided? And how this relates to the sensation of spontaneous burning - a very painful sensation that some part of body is burning?

  4. Is the energy heating solely due to rotational excitations? It might be that also a "dropping" of ions to larger space-time sheets is induced by the process and liberates zero point kinetic energy. The dropping of proton from k=137 (k=139) atomic space-time sheet liberates about .5 eV (0.125 eV). The measured temperature corresponds to the energy .15 eV. This dropping is an essential element of remote metabolism and provides universal metabolic energy quanta. It is also involved with TGD based models of "free energy" phenomena. No perpetuum mobile is predicted since there must be a mechanism driving the dropped ions back to the original space-time sheets.

Recall that one of the empirical motivations for the hierarchy of Planck constants came from the observed quantum like effects of ELF em fields at EEG frequencies on vertebrate brain and also from the correlation of EEG with brain function and contents of consciousness difficult to understand since the energies of EEG photons are ridiculously small and should be masked by thermal noise.

In TGD based model of EEG (actually fractal hierarchy of EEGs) the values hbar/hbar0 =2k11, k=1,2,3,..., of Planck constant are in a preferred role. More generally, powers of two of a given value of Planck constant are preferred, which is also in accordance with p-adic length scale hypothesis.

For details see the chapter Dark Nuclear Physics and Condensed Matter.