Articles about TGD (2019)
The list gives examples of the work in TGD carried out during 2018: articles are in form of pdf files. My hope that they could give intuitive overall view about the recent situation in TGD. Newest articles are at the bottom.
Does coupling constant evolution reduce to that of cosmological constant?
About TGD counterparts of classical field configurations in Maxwell's theory
More about the construction of scattering amplitudes in TGD framework
Tesla still inspires
Hashimoji DNA from TGD perspective
SUSY after LHC: the TGD perspective
Three findings about memory recall and TGD based view about memory retrieval
Minimal surfaces: comparison of the perspectives of mathematician and physicist
Three anomalies of hadron physics from TGD perspective
Could 160 minute oscillation affecting Galaxies and the Solar System correspond to cosmic "alpha rhythm"?
Quantum scarring from TGD point of view
Shnoll effect decade later
Secret Link Uncovered Between Pure Math and Physics
Scattering amplitudes and orbits of cognitive representations under subgroup of symplectic group respecting the extension of rationals
Fluctuations of Newton's constant in sub-millimeter scales as evidence for TGD
Twistor lift of TGD and WCW geometry
Solar surprise
Heavy element surprise
An overall view about models of genetic code and bio-harmony
TGD view about McKay Correspondence, ADE Hierarchy, Inclusions of Hyperfinite Factors, M8-duality, SUSY, and Twistors
M8-H Duality and Consciousness
M8-H Duality and the Two Manners to Describe Particles
Copenhagen interpretation dead: long live ZEO based quantum measurement theory!
TGD view about McKay Correspondence, ADE Hierarchy, and Inclusions of Hyperfinite Factors
New results about M8-H Duality
SUSY in TGD Universe
Twistors in TGD
Trying to understand why ramified primes are so special physically
Quantum self-organization by heff changing phase transitions
Could metaplectic group have some role in TGD framework?
TGD inspired theory of consciousness and living systems
Do hydrogels learn in presence of irradiation and heating?
Solar metallicity problem from TGD perspective
Minimization of Gibbs free energy as thermodynamical variational principle in TGD framework
Could Mars have intra-planetary life?
Some applications of TGD inspired quantum biology: bio-chemistry, metabolism, replication
Earthquakes and volcanic eruptions as macroscopic quantum jumps in zero energy ontology
Epigenesis, inherited memories and moods lasting over several generations
Some comments related to Zero Energy Ontology (ZEO)
Comparing Electric Universe hypothesis and TGD
Are fundamental entities discrete or continuous and what discretization at fundamental level could mean?
The problem of two Hubble constants
Cosmology in crisis
Cosmic string model for the formation of galaxies and stars
Darwinian or neutral theory of evolution or something else?
Multilocal viruses
Three condensed matter surprises
TGD inspired model for magneto-reception and circadian rhythm
The emergence of human brain like functions in neuromorphic metallic nanowire network
When do partonic 2-surfaces and string world sheets define large cognitive representations?
Does M8-H duality reduce classical TGD to octonionic algebraic geometry?: Part III (earlier article divided to two pieces)
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