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Physics in Many-Sheeted Space-Time: Part II

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Year 2024

The planet that should not exist(3.3. 2023).

Are planets and stars quantum gravitational harmonic oscillators?(25.2. 2023).

Year 2023

Quantitative support for the model of blackhole-like object as flux tube spaghetti(13.12. 2023).

Gravitational hum and the detailed form of M8-H duality(7.11. 2023).

About the identification of the Schrödinger galaxy(25.10. 2023).

Do cosmic strings with large string tension exist?(12.10. 2023).

A finding providing support for the TGD view of galaxy formation(12.10. 2023).

About uniform tessellations of hyperbolic, Euclidean, spherical spaces(9.10. 2023).

Updated collection of books about TGD(1.9. 2023).

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