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Quantum Hardware of Living Systems

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Year 2019

Snow flakes and macroscopic quantum self-organization (2.12.2019)

Minimization of Gibbs free energy as thermodynamical variational principle in TGD framework(27.9. 2019)

Year 2018

About Comorosan effect in the clustering of RNA II polymerase proteins (25.6.2018)

Why do RNA polymerase molecules cluster? (25.6.2018)

The experiments of Masaru Emoto with emotional imprinting of water (8.5.2018)

MEs and apparent breaking of Uncertainty Principle (26.4.2018)

Year 2016

How the transition to superconductive state could be induced by classical radiation? (27.12.2016)

Room temperature superconductivity for alkanes (26.12. 2016).

Nematics and superconductors (7.2. 2016).

Year 2015

Quantitative model of high Tc super-conductivity and bio-super-conductivity

(4.5. 2015).

Year 2013

Could photosensitive emulsions make dark matter visible?

(2.9. 2013).

Year 2011

A new phase of matter in the temperature range between pseudo gap temperature and Tc?(26.3.2011).

Year 2009

High Tc superconductivity in many-sheeted space-time(20.12.2009).

Year 2008

Connection between laser induced healing, acupuncture, and association of DC currents with the healing of wounds (26.2.2008)

Direct support for universal metabolic energy quanta (25.2.2008)

TGD assigns 10 Hz biorhythm to electron as an intrinsic frequency scale (16.2.2008)

Year 2007

Fractional Quantum Hall effect in TGD framework (1.10.2007)

The photons emitted in the dropping of protons and electrons to larger space-time sheets as signature of many-sheeted space-time (10.9.2007)

Could one demonstrate the existence of large Planck constant photons using ordinary camera or even bare eyes? (27.8.2007)

Burning salt water with radio-waves and large Planck constant (16.8.2007)

Year 2006

q-Laguerre polynomials and fractionized principal quantum number for hydrogen atom (20.09.2006)

Wormhole contacts, Higgs, photon massivation, and coherent states of Cooper pairs (18.9.2006)

Updated model for high Tc superconductivity (17.9.2006)

New Results in Planetary Bohr Orbitology (10.5.2006)

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