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TGD as generalized number theory: Part II

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Year 2022

Could the exotic smooth structures have a physical interpretation in the TGD framework? (15.11. 2022).

Could the existence of exotic smooth structures pose problems for TGD? (14.11. 2022).

Intersection form for 4-manifolds, knots and 2-knots, smooth exotics, and TGD (11.11. 2022).

Some New Ideas Related to Langlands Program viz. TGD (30.10. 2022).

Do the inclusion hierarchies of extensions of rationals correspond to inclusion hierarchies of hyperfinite factors? (15.8. 2022).

Wheels and quantum arithmetics (1.8. 2022).

McKay Correspondence from Quantum Arithmetics Replacing Sum and Product with Direct Sum and Tensor Product? (17.7. 2022).

Year 2021

Does the notion of polynomial of infinite order make sense? (6.9. 2021).

Evolution of Kähler coupling strength (4.8. 2021).

Minimal value of heff from the ratio of CP2 mass and Planck mass (4.8. 2021).

About the role of Galois groups in TGD framework(9.7. 2021).

Some questions related to coupling constant evolution(18.6. 2021).

Zero energy states as scattering amplitudes and subjective time evolution as sequence of SSFRs(13.3. 2021).

Still one question about M8-H duality(11.3. 2021).

Is analysis as cognitive process analogous to scattering?(26.2. 2021).

Is M8-H duality consistent with Fourier analysis at the level of M4× CP2?(25.2. 2021).

Year 2020

What next in TGD? (16.7. 2020).

Fermionic variant of M8-H duality (8.7. 2020).

How the life cycle of self could corresponds to a transition to chaos as iteration of polynomial? (9.6. 2020).

About p-adic length scale hypothesis and dark matter hierarchy (28.5. 2020).

Generalization of Fermat's last theorem and TGD(8.4. 2020)

Year 2019

When do partonic 2-surfaces and string world sheets define large cognitive representations?(30.12. 2019)

Are fundamental entities discrete or continuous and what discretization at fundamental level could mean?(29.10. 2019)

What extensions of rationals could be winners in the fight for survival?(14.7. 2019)

Trying to understand why ramified primes are so special physically(14.7. 2019)

Secret Link Uncovered Between Pure Math and Physics (19.4.2019)

About physical interpretation of ramified primes in TGD framework (14.4.2019)

Year 2018

Increase of the dimension of extension of rationals as the emergence of a reflective level of consciousness? (15.10.2018)

Galois groups and genes(5.8. 2018).

Second attempt to understand the notions of perfectoid and its tilt(3.7. 2018).

About heff/h=n as the number of sheets of Galois covering(15.1. 2018).

Year 2017

Questions inspired by quantum associations(5.12. 2017).

From amplituhedron to associahedron(29.11. 2017).

Some layman considerations related to fundamentals of mathematics(24.10. 2017).

Could the precursors of perfectoids emerge in TGD?(13.10. 2017).

What does cognitive representability really mean?(10.10. 2017).

Is the quantum leakage between different signatures of the real sectors of the complexified M8 possible? (16.9. 2017).

What the properties of the octonionic product can tell about fundamental physics?(15.9. 2017).

Does Riemann-Roch theorem have applications to TGD?(13.9. 2017).

About enumerative algebraic geometry in TGD framework(9.9. 2017).

Super-octonions, super-twistors and twistorial construction of scattering amplitude(23.8. 2017).

Geometrization of fermions using super version of the octonionic algebraic geometry(17.8. 2017).

Emergence of Zero Energy Ontology and Causal Diamonds from octonionic algebraic surface dynamics(16.8. 2017).

M8-H duality: summary and future prospects(7.8. 2017).

Does M8-H duality reduce classical TGD to octonionic algebraic geometry?(2.8. 2017).

Generalization of Riemann zeta to Dedekind zeta and adelic physics?(16.7. 2017).

Are Preferred Extremals Quaternion-Analytic in Some Sense?(25.6. 2017).

Philosophy of Adelic Physics(24.6. 2017).

Why would primes near powers of two (or small primes) be important?(9.4. 2017).

heff/h=n hypothesis and Galois group(9.4. 2017).

What could be the role of complexity theory in TGD?(8.4. 2017).

Progress in adelic physics(25.1. 2017).

Year 2016

p-Adic logic and hierarchy of partition algebras(29.12. 2016).

Brain and Mersenne integers(29.11. 2016).

Boolean algebras, Stone spaces, and p-adic physics(7.10. 2016).

Langlands correspondence and TGD: years later(27.7. 2016).

p-Adicizable discrete variants of classical Lie groups and coset spaces in TGD framework(14.5. 2016).

Number theoretical feats and TGD inspired theory of consciousness(25.4. 2016).

Why Mersenne primes are so special?(1.4. 2016).

Year 2015

Why the non-trivial zeros of Riemann zeta should reside at critical line?(27.11. 2015).

Does Riemann Zeta Code for Generic Coupling Constant Evolution?(19.11. 2015).

Some applications of Number Theoretic Universality(24.9. 2015).

Could one realize number theoretical universality for functional integral?(17.9. 2015).

More about physical interpretation of algebraic extensions of rationals(19.5. 2015).

What could be the origin of the p-adic length scale hypothesis?(30.4. 2015).

What is the origin of the preferred p-adic primes(29.4. 2015).

About the twistorial description of light-likeness in 8-D sense using octonionic spinors(22.2. 2015).

Year 2014

Class field theory and TGD: does TGD reduce to number theory?(9.2. 2014).

General ideas about octonions, quaternions, and twistors(1.2. 2014).

Year 2013

Riemann Hypothesis and quasicrystals(4.2.2013).

p-Adic symmetries(4.2.2013).

Could canonical identification make possible definition of integrals in p-adic context?(4.2.2013).

Could canonical identification allow construction of path connected topologies for p-adic manifolds?(4.2.2013).

What p-adic icosahedron could mean? And what about p-adic manifold?(27.1.2013).

Year 2012

Does the square root of p-adic thermodynamics make sense?(1.10.2012).

Quantum Mechanics as Quantum Mathematics(15.4.2012).

Riemann Hypothesis and Zero Energy Ontology(26.3.2012).

p-Adic homology and finite measurement resolution(24.3.2012).

Hilbert p-adics, hierarchy of Planck constants, and finite measurement resolution(22.3.2012).

Quantum Mathematics(8.3.2012).

Updated view about quantum adeles(8.3.2012).

Two little observations about quantum p-adics(1.3.2012).

Progress in number theoretic vision about TGD(29.2.2012).

Progress in understanding of quantum p-adics(20.2.2012).

Quantum Adeles(11.2.2012).

Quantum p-adic deformations of space-time surfaces as a representation of finite measurement resolution?(26.1.2012).

The anatomy of quantum jump in zero energy ontology(26.1.2012).

Year 2011

How quantum arithmetics affects basic TGD and TGD inspired view about life and consciousness?(7.11.2011).

Quantum Arithmetics and the Relationship between Real and p-Adic Physics(30.10.2011).

Could TGD be an integrable theory?(11.9.2011).

p-Adic fractality, canonical identification, and symmetries(30.8.2011).

An attempt to understand preferred extremals of Kähler action(27.8.2011).

How to understand transcendental numbers in terms of infinite integers?(24.8.2011).

About the structure of the Yangian algebra(24.8.2011).

Is quantal Boolean reverse engineering possible?(22.8.2011).

TGD and Physical Mathematics(18.8.2011).

Langlands Conjectures in TGD Framework(17.8.2011).

Quantum Boolean algebra instead of Boolean algebra?(12.8.2011).

How infinite primes relate to other views about mathematical infinity?(11.8.2011).

How could one calculate p-adic integrals numerically?(12.7.2011).

What about counterparts of T, S, and U dualities in TGD framework?(29.6.2011).

K-theory, branes, and TGD(26.6.2011).

How detailed quantum classical correspondence can be?(22.6.2011).

Floer homology and TGD (22.6.2011).

Twistors, hyperbolic 3-manifolds, and zero energy ontology (6.6.2011).

Motives and twistors in TGD (30.5.2011).

Infinite primes and motives(22.5.2011).

Finding the roots of polynomials defined by infinite primes(21.2.2011).

Non-Standard Numbers and TGD(29.1.2011).

Generalization of thermodynamics allowing negentropic entanglement and a model for conscious information processing(4.1.2011).

Year 2010

A Possible Explanation of Shnoll Effect(8.12.2010).

Considerable progress in generalized Feynman diagrammatics(23.5.2010).

How to perform WCW integrations in generalized Feynman diagrams?(21.5.2010).

How infinite primes could correspond to quantum states and space-time surfaces? (13.1.2010)

Year 2009

How TGD emerges from number theory? (10.10.2008)

Year 2008

Zero energy ontology, self hierarchy, and the notion of time (15.9.2008)

The most recent vision about zero energy ontology and p-adicization (14.9.2008)

Prime Hilbert spaces and infinite primes (14.2.2008)

Year 2007

E8 theory of Garrett Lisi and TGD (22.11.2007)

A little crazy speculation about knots and infinite primes (31.8.2007)

How to represent algebraic complex numbers as geometric objects? (3.8.2007)

Is it possible to have a set with -1 elements? (3.8.2007)

Farey sequences, Riemann Hypothesis, tangles, and TGD (14.6.2007)

Quantum Quandaries (17.5.2007)

Platonism, Constructivism, and Quantum Platonism (14.5.2007)

Langlands Program and TGD (12.2.2007)

About infinite primes, points of the world of classical worlds, and configuration space spinor fields (12.1.2007)

Updated vision about infinite primes (6.1.2007)

Year 2006

Zeros of Riemann Zeta as conformal weights, braids, Jones inclusions, and number theoretical universality of quantum TGD (19.8.2006)

Infinite primes, cognition, and intentionality (29.7.2006)

The most recent view about p-adicization program (28.7.2006)

Does the quantization of Planck constant transform integer quantum Hall effect to fractional quantum Hall effect? (18.5.2006)

Reduction of long length scale real physics to short length scale p-adic physics and vice versa (27.1.2006).

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