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Towards M-Matrix: Part II

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Year 2022

Riemann zeta and the number theoretical vision of TGD (25.9. 2022).

Some comments about the notion of mass (20.9. 2022).

Do the inclusion hierarchies of extensions of rationals correspond to inclusion hierarchies of hyperfinite factors? (15.8. 2022).

Is pair creation really understood in the twistorial picture (9.8. 2022).

Antipodal duality and TGD (8.8. 2022).

Wheels and quantum arithmetics (1.8. 2022).

McKay Correspondence from Quantum Arithmetics Replacing Sum and Product with Direct Sum and Tensor Product? (17.7. 2022).

Could inert neutrinos be dark neutrinos in the TGD sense? (23.6. 2022).

p-Adic particle massivation and entanglement: are all physical states massless?! (25.5. 2022).

Generalization of OZI rule(8.2. 2022).

Some useful critical questions concering the twistorial construction of scattering amplitudes(1.1. 2022).

The mass spectrum for an iterate of polynomial and chaos theory(30.1. 2022).

A possible generalization of number theoretic approach to analytic functions(23.1. 2022).

About the relationship of Kähler approach to the standard picture(21.1. 2022).

Critical questions related to the number theoretical view about fundamental dynamics(12.1. 2022).

Fundamental quark dynamics as recombinatorics for Galois singlets(11.1. 2022).

Year 2021

The emergence of twistors from M8-H duality(27.10. 2021).

Adelic physics and quantum measurement theory(26.10. 2021).

Braids, anyons, and Galois groups(26.10. 2021).

Uncertainty Principle and M8-H duality (26.10. 2021).

Galois confinement (25.10. 2021).

TGD as it is towards end of 2021 (11.9. 2021).

About TGD counterparts of twistor amplitudes (31.12. 2021).

Year 2020

What next in TGD? (16.7. 2020).

Fermionic variant of M8-H duality (8.7. 2020).

Some new results in M8-H duality(1.6. 2020).

About p-adic length scale hypothesis and dark matter hierarchy (28.5. 2020).

Year 2019

M8-H duality and twistor space counterparts of space-time surfaces(5.7. 2019)

Getting critical about twistors in TGD(1.7. 2019)

S-matrix and SUSY in TGD sense(27.6. 2019)

Finiteness for the number of non-vanishing Wick contractions, quantum criticality, and coupling constant evolution(25.6. 2019)

New results related to M8-H duality(17.6. 2019)

Twistors in TGD Universe(17.6. 2019)

TGD view about McKay Correspondence, ADE Hierarchy, and Inclusions of Hyperfinite Factors(17.6. 2019)

SUSY in TGD Universe(17.6. 2019)

SUSY in TGD Universe(15.6. 2019)

Gravitation as a square of gauge interaction(4.6. 2019)

Do Supertwistors Make Sense in TGD?(2.6. 2019)

M8-H Duality and Consciousness(2.6. 2019)

TGD view about McKay Correspondence, ADE Hierarchy, Inclusions of Hyperfinite Factors, and Twistors(21.5. 2019)

How to construct scattering amplitudes?(26.4. 2019).

Scattering amplitudes and orbits of cognitive representations under subgroup of symplectic group respecting the extension of rationals(23.4. 2019).

Number-theoretic approach to unitarity(6.4. 2019).

Minimal surfaces: comparison of the perspectives of mathematician and physicist(16.3. 2019).

SUSY after LHC(5.3. 2019).

Does ZEO allow overunity energy production?(18.2. 2019).

A connection of singularities of minimal surfaces with generation of Higgs vacuum expectation?(13.2. 2019).

Space-time surfaces as Kähler calibrations: an idea before its time?(13.2. 2019).

Twistors in TGD and unexpected connection with Veneziano duality(13.2. 2019).

Some comments about classical conservation laws in Zero Energy Ontology(30.1. 2019).

About gauge bosons and their decay vertices in TGD framework(27.1. 2019).

More about the construction of scattering amplitudes in TGD framework(24.1. 2019).

About TGD counterparts of classical field configurations in Maxwell's theory(21.1. 2019).

Generalized conformal symmetry, quantum criticality, catastrophe theory, and coupling constant evolution(13.1.2019)

Solution of renormalization group equation for flux tubes having minimum string tension and RG evolution in terms of Riemann zeta(2.1.2019)

Reduction of coupling constant evolution to that of cosmological constant(1.11.2019)

Year 2018

Still about twistor lift of TGD(6.12.2018)

Twistor lift for 2-D objects(30.11.2018)

Cosmological constant in TGD and in superstring models(24.10.2018)

TGD View about Coupling Constant Evolution(4.10.2018)

How could Planck length be actually equal to much larger CP2 radius?!(24.8.2018)

Are space-time surfaces minimal surfaces everywhere except at 2-D interaction vertices?(10.8.2018)

Three dualities at the level of field equations(10.8.2018)

Solution of Hubble constant discrepancy from the length scale dependence of cosmological constant(15.7. 2018)

New insights about quantum criticality for twistor lift inspired by analogy with ordinary criticality(18.4. 2018)

Complex 8-momenta are necessary for the realization of massless many-particle states implying unitary without loops(7.4. 2018)

Connection between quaternionicity and causality(22.3. 2018)

Could functional equation and Riemann hypothesis generalize?(11.3. 2018)

Considerations related to coupling constant evolution and Riemann zeta(9.3. 2018)

General ideas about coupling constant evolution(7.3. 2018)

Summary about twistorialization in TGD framework(6.3. 2018)

The Recent View about Twistorialization in TGD Framework(5.3. 2018)

Year 2017

Could McKay correspondence generalize in TGD framework?(4.7. 2017)

About McKay and Langlands correspondences in TGD framework(25.6. 2017)

Are higher structures needed in the categorification of TGD?(14.6. 2017)

Could categories, tensor networks, and Yangians provide the tools for handling the complexity of TGD?(27.5. 2017)

Getting even more quantitative about CP violation(21.4. 2017)

About some unclear issues of TGD(1.4.2017)

Getting quantitative about breaking of CP, P, and T (20.3.2017)

Is there a duality between associative and co-associative space-time surfaces? (19.3.2017)

About the generalization of dual conformal symmetry and Yangian in TGD (18.3.2017)

About unitarity for scattering amplitudes (8.3.2017)

Kerr effect, breaking of T symmetry, and Kähler form of M4 (7.3.2017)

Key ideas related to the twistor lift of TGD (6.3.2017)

Issues related to the precise formulation of twistor lift of TGD (5.3.2017)

What causes the CP breaking? (5.3.2017)

Criticizing the TGD based twistorial construction of scattering amplitudes(2.3.2017)

Two observations about twistor lift of Kähler action(28.2.2017)

Some Questions Related to the Twistor Lift of TGD(22.2.2017)

A new view about color, color confinement, and twistors(13.2.2017)

How does the twistorialization at imbedding space level emerge?(10.2.2017)

Twistor lift and the reduction of field equations and SH to holomorphy(8.2.2017)

More details about the induction of twistor structure(2.2.2017)

Questions about TGD(7.1.2017)

Some questions related to the twistor lift of TGD(1.1.2017)

Year 2016

Non-commutative imbedding space and strong form of holography(30.12.2016)

Minimal surface cosmology(12.12.2016)

LIGO blackhole anomaly and minimal surface model for star(12.12.2016)

Minimal surface counterpart of Reissner-Nordstöm solution(11.12.2016)

How to build TGD space-time from legos?(6.12.2016)

Can one apply Occam's razor as a general purpose debunking argument to TGD?(6.12.2016)

Delicacies of the induced spinor structure and SUSY mystery(6.12.2016)

About minimal surface extremals of Kähler action(1.12.2016)

Cosmological term in twistor action makes Kähler coupling genuine coupling parameter also classically(24.11.2016)

Still about induced spinor fields and TGD counterpart for Higgs(9.10.2016)

What happens to the extremals of Kähler action when volume term is introduced?(22.9. 2016).

About twistor lift of TGD(30.8. 2016).

Does GRT really allow gravitational radiation?(23.8. 2016).

Eigenstates of Yangian co-algebra generators as a manner to generate maximal entanglement?(18.8. 2016).

Could N=2 Super-Conformal Algebra Be Relevant For TGD?(5.4. 2016).

Tensor networks and S-matrices(19.3. 2016).

Twistor googly problem transforms from a curse to blessing in TGD framework(4.3. 2016).

Could M4 Kähler form introduce new gravitational physics?(26.2. 2016).

Cosmic evolution of the radius of the radius of the fiber of the twistor space of space-time surface(10.2. 2016).

Twistorial approach and connection with General Relativity(8.2. 2016).

From Principles to Diagrams(6.2. 2016).

Year 2015

Is non-associative physics and language possible only in many-sheeted space-time?(13.12. 2015).

Does Riemann Zeta Code for Generic Coupling Constant Evolution?(19.11. 2015).

Algebraic universality and the value of Kähler coupling strength(18.9. 2015).

Field equations as conservation laws, Frobenius integrability conditions, and a connection with quaternion analyticity(25.8. 2015).

Could one define dynamical homotopy groups in WCW?(20.8. 2015).

The relation between U- and M-matrices(26.5.2015)

Could the Universe be doing Yangian quantum arithmetics?(21.3.2015)

Is the formation of gravitational bound states impossible in superstring models?(8.3.2015)

Updated view about Kähler geometry of WCW(8.3.2015)

Permutations, braidings, and amplitudes(25.2. 2014).

What about non-planar diagrams?(24.2. 2014).

About the twistorial description of light-likeness in 8-D sense using octonionic spinors(22.2. 2014).

Witten's twistor string approach and TGD (17.2.2015)

Could quaternion analyticity make sense for the preferred extremals? (13.2.2015)

Are Euclidian regions of preferred extremals quaternion-Kähler manifolds? (11.2.2015)

Surface area as geometric representation of entanglement entropy? (7.2.2015)

A more detailed view about the construction of scattering amplitudes(4.2.2015)

What could be the TGD counterpart of SUSY(26.1.2015)

The vanishing of conformal charges as a gauge conditions selecting preferred extremals of Kähler action(19.11.2015)

Positivity of N=4 scattering amplitudes from number theoretical universality?(6.11.2015)

Year 2014

Twistor spaces as TGD counterparts of Calabi-Yau manifolds of super string models(21.12.2014)

Classical TGD and imbedding space twistors(21.12.2014)

Classical part of twistor story(21.12.2014)

Class field theory and TGD: does TGD reduce to number theory?(9.2. 2014).

General ideas about octonions, quaternions, and twistors(1.2. 2014).

Recent View about Kähler Geometry and Spin Structure of "World of Classical Worlds(13.1. 2014).

Year 2013

Scattering amplitudes in positive Grassmannian: TGD perspective(21.9. 2013).

A little comment about the hierarchy of Planck constants(17.9. 2013).

What could 4-fermion twistor amplitudes look like?(5.9. 2013).

About the SUSY generated by covariantly constant right-handed neutrinos(3.9. 2013).

Some fresh ideas about twistorialization of TGD(21.8. 2013).

Still about non-planar twistor diagrams(21.2. 2013).

Year 2012

Could N=2 or N=4 SUSY have something to do with TGD?(31.12. 2012).

Scattering amplitudes and positive Grassmannian(31.12. 2012).

Is there a connection between preferred extremals and AdS4/CFT correspondence?(11.12. 2012).

Could correlation functions, S-matrix, and coupling constant evolution be coded the statistical properties of preferred extremals?(10.12. 2012).

Preferred extremals of Kähler action as manifolds with constant Ricci scalar whose geometric invariants are topological invariants(5.12.2012).

Trying to understand the QFT limit of TGD (17.11.2012)

How the effective hierarchy of Planck constants could reveal itself in condensed matter physics? (7.10.2012)

Fresh view about hyper-finite factors in TGD framework (28.9.2012)

Updated view about the hierarchy of Planck constants (9.9.2012)

Still one attempt to understand generalized Feynman diagrams (7.9.2012)

How quaternicity of space-time could be consistent with Hermitian/Hamilton-Jacobi structure? (9.7.2012)

The recent vision about preferred extremals and solutions of the modified Dirac equation (9.7.2012)

Anatomy of quantum jump in zero energy ontology(26.1.2012).

Very Special Relativity(18.1.2012).

Number theoretical universality and quantum arithmetics, renormalization, and relation of TGD to N=4 SYM(16.1.2012).

Proposal for a twistorial description of generalized Feynman graphs(14.1.2012).

Year 2011

Quark-gluon plasma in TGD Universe(4.12.2011).

Duality between hadronic and partonic descriptions of hadron physics(1.12.2011).

Algebraic braids, sub-manifold braid theory, and generalized Feynman diagrams(20.11.2011).

Is Kähler action expressible in terms of areas of minimal surfaces?(19.10.2011).

About the structure of the Yangian algebra(24.8.2011).

Reducing non-planar diagrams to planar ones by a generalization of algorithm for calculating knot invariant(7.7.2011).

Categorification and finite measurement resolution(15.6.2011).

Possible role of Beltrami flows and symplectic invariance in the description of gauge and gravitational interactions(6.6.2011).

Objection against zero energy ontology and quantum classical correspondence(26.4.2011).

Summary about breakthrough in the construction of U-matrix and understanding of twistorialization(24.3.2011).

Universal formula for the hermitian square roots of density matrix(23.3.2011).

Master formula for U-matrix finally found?(18.3.2011).

Comparing twistor revolution with TGD revolution(1.2.2011).

Year 2010

Unitarity in TGD variant of Grassmannian twistor approach(4.10.2010).

Yangian symmetry, twistors, and TGD(1.10.2010).

A comment about formulation of TGD in the product of twistor space and its dual(23.9.2010).

M4×CP2 from pairs of twistors and twistorial formulation of TGD(20.9.2010).

Exact Yangian symmetry, non-trivial scattering amplitudes, no IR singularities: only a dream?(17.9.2010).

What could be the generalization of Yangian symmetry of N=4 SYM in TGD framework?(2.9.2010).

Considerable progress in generalized Feynman diagrammatics(23.5.2010).

How to perform WCW integrations in generalized Feynman diagrams?(21.5.2010).

Weak form of electric-magnetic duality, particle concept, and Feynman diagrammatics(9.5.2010).

Year 2009

What one really means with virtual particle?(23.1.2009).

Is the QFT type description of gravitational interactions possible? (15.11.2009)

QFT Limit of TGD and Space-Time Super-Symmetry (12.11.2009)

Is the perturbation theory based on TGD inspired definition of super-fields UV finite? (5.11.2009)

Space-time super-symmetry and TGD (3.11.2009)

Octonionic approach to the modified Dirac equation (10.10.2009)

What are the basic equations of quantum TGD?(30.9.2009)

Handful of problems with a common resolution(20.9.2009)

The latest vision about the role of hyper-finite factors in TGD(17.9.2009)

About M-matrix and Connes tensor product (8.9.2009)

Could one generalize the notion of twistor to 8-D case using the notion of triality? (11.7.2009)

QFT limit of TGD: summary about how ideas have evolved (29.6.2009)

p-Adicization, twistor program, and quantum criticality(24.6.2009)

Sigh of relief (26.4.2009)

Emergent boson propagators, fine structure constant, and hierarchy of Planck constants\overline (15.3.2009)

Still about the emergence of bosonic propagators and vertices (12.3.2009)

Twistors and TGD: a summary (3.3.2009)

Bootstrap approach to obtain a unitary S-matrix (1.3.2009)

Are light-like loop momenta consistent with unitarity? (29.3.2009)

Could one regard space-time surfaces as surfaces in twistor space? (25.3.2009)

Could one lift Feynman diagrams to twistor space? (17.3.2009)

Twistors, N=4 super-conformal symmetry, and TGD (16.3.2009)

Vision about quantization of Planck constant (19.1.2009)

Year 2008

Could operads allow the formulation of the generalized Feynman rules?(27.10.2008)

New chapter(21.10.2008)

Category theory and symplectic QFT(21.10.2008)

Category theory and quantum TGD: possible other applications(7.10.2008)

Category theory and quantum TGD: generalized Feyman diagrams and generalized planar operads(7.10.2008)

Category theory and quantum TGD: 2-plectic structures and generalized Feynman diagrams as categories(7.10.2008)

The relationship between super-canonical and Super Kac-Moody algebras, Equivalence Principle, and justification of p-adic thermodynamics(27.6.2008)

Still more details about M-matrix (18.6.2008)

What goes wrong with string theories? (14.6.2008)

Could a symplectic analog of conformal field theory be relevant for quantum TGD? (13.6.2008)

Infinite primes and algebraic Brahman=Atman identity (7.5.2008)

Configuration space gamma matrices as hyper-octonion valued conformal fields having values in HFF? (7.5.2008)

How quantum classical correspondence is realized at parton level? (9.2.2008)

How p-adic coupling constant evolution and p-adic length scale hypothesis emerge from quantum TGD proper? (7.2.2008)

Year 2007

One element field, quantum measurement theory and its q-variant, and the Galois fields associated with infinite primes (11.12.2007)

The Lie-algebra of symmetries of M-matrix forms an infinite-dimensional Jordan algebra (21.11.2007)

Connes tensor product and perturbative expansion in terms of generalized braid diagrams (22.10.2007)

Number theoretic braids and global view about anti-commutations of induced spinor fields (22.10.2007)

About the definition of the action of included zero energy algebra in positive/negative energy algebra (16.10.2007)

How uniquely Connes tensor product determines the M-matrix? (13.10.2007)

Geometric view about Higgs mechanism (7.10.2007)

Does Connes tensor product fix the allowed M-matrices? (1.10.2007)

Fractional Quantum Hall effect in TGD framework (1.10.2007)

A further generalization of the notion of imbedding space (21.9.2007)

Does the quantization of Kähler coupling strength reduce to the quantization of Chern-Simons coupling at partonic level? (26.6.2007)

Zero energy ontology and Witten's approach to 3-D quantum gravitation (24.6.2007)

S-matrix as a functor and the groupoid like structure formed by S-matrices (20.6.2007)

Farey sequences, Riemann Hypothesis, tangles, and TGD (14.6.2007)

Dark matter hierarchy corresponds to a hierarchy of quantum critical systems in modular degrees of freedom (5.6.2007)

TGD Universe allows only three fermion families! (4.5.2007)

Connection between Hurwitz zetas, quantum groups, and hierarchy of Planck constants? (3.5.2007)

Time-like entanglement coefficients as a square root of density matrix? (2.5.2007)

About the construction of S-matrix (31.5.2007)

Quantum Quandaries (17.5.2007)

Sierpinski topology and quantum measurement theory with finite measurement resolution (10.5.2007)

About microscopic description of dark matter (6.5.2007)

Could also gauge bosons correspond to wormhole contacts? (27.3.2007)

Inner automorphisms of hyper-finite factors as universal local gauge symmetries? (22.3.2007)

Planar algebras and generalized Feynman diagrams (21.3.2007)

TGD Universe from the condition that all possible statistics are possible (15.3.2007)

About the construction of vertices (11.3.2007)

Hyper-Finite Factors and Construction of S-matrix (27.2.2007)

Jones inclusions and the construction of S-matrix and U-matrix (16.2.2007)

Very Special Relativity and TGD (22.1.2007)

Galois groups, Jones inclusions, and infinite primes (2.1.2007)

Could local zeta functions take the role of Riemann Zeta in TGD framework? (2.1.2007)

Year 2006

Quantum fluctuations and Jones inclusions (7.12.2006)

Do EPR-Bohm experiments provide evidence for fuzzy quantum states? (6.12.2006)

Quantum quantum mechamics and quantum S-matrix (6.12.2006)

How induced spinor field and imbedding space coordinates can become non-commutative and the origin of braids (6.12.2006)

Still a little correction to the quantization of Planck constants (8.11.2006)

Magnetic bodies and hierarchy of Planck constants (20.10.2006)

Truth about quantization of Planck constants (8.10.2006)

Comments about p-adic mass calculations (8.10.2006)

About the identification of Kac Moody algebra and corresponding Virasoro algebra (8.10.2006)

Quantization of the modified Dirac action (1.10.2006)

Do also the zeros of Riemann poly-zeta relate to quantum criticality? (8.8.2006)

Zeros of Riemann Zeta as conformal weights, braids, Jones inclusions, and number theoretical universality of quantum TGD (19.8.2006)

Do nuclear reaction rates depend on environment? (9.8.2006)

Some problems of TGD as almost-topological QFT and their resolution (6.8.2006)

Has dark matter been observed? (4.8.2006)

TGD as almost topological conformal field theory (15.7.2006)

Super Kac-Moody symmetry and TGD as an almost topological super-conformal field theory (9.7.2006)

N=4 SCA as basic symmetry of TGD and the basic mistake of M-theory (27.6.2006)

Jones inclusions, the large N limit of SU(N) gauge theories, and AdS/CFT correspondence (20.6.2006)

Summary about the steps leading to the construction of S-matrix (11.6.2006)

Stringy form for amplitudes for the generation of zero energy states from vacuum emerges from Virasoro conditions for zero energy states (7.6.2006)

S-matrix for the scattering of zero energy states representing ordinary scattering events as a solution to the problems? (29.5.2006)

Physical states are zero energy states: an ontology consistent with the existing world view? (29.5.2006)

S-matrix for the scattering of zero energy states representing ordinary scattering events as a solution to the problems? (29.5.2006)

More detailed view about 2-D factorizing S-matrices as the building blocks of a realistic S-matrix (28.5.2006)

Could S-matrix be expressed in terms of 2-D factorizing S-matrices? (25.5.2006)

Tree like structure for the imbedding space (24.5.2006)

Precise definition of the notion of unitarity for Connes tensor product (24.5.2006)

Does the quantization of Planck constant transform integer quantum Hall effect to fractional quantum Hall effect? (18.5.2006)

Large values of Planck constant and coupling constant evolution (16.5.2006)

Could the basic parameters of TGD be fixed by a number theoretical miracle? (13.5.2006)

New results in planetary Bohr orbitology (10.5.2006)

Connes tensor product as universal interaction, quantization of Planck constant, McKay correspondence, etc... (8.5.2006)

Von Neumann inclusions, quantum group, and quantum model for beliefs (25.4.2006)

Does TGD reduce to inclusion sequence of number theoretic von Neumann algebras?(24.4.2006)

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