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Topological Geometrodynamics: an Overview: Part II

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Year 2022

Could the exotic smooth structures have a physical interpretation in the TGD framework? (15.11. 2022).

Could the existence of exotic smooth structures pose problems for TGD? (14.11. 2022).

Intersection form for 4-manifolds, knots and 2-knots, smooth exotics, and TGD (11.11. 2022).

MOND and TGD view of dark matter (3.8. 2022).

Year 2021

Could the number field of computable reals (p-adics) be enough for physics? (8.11. 2021).

Neutrinos and TGD (31.10. 2021).

The idea of Connes about inherent time evolution of certain algebraic structures from TGD point of view(25.3. 2021).

Zero energy states as scattering amplitudes and subjective time evolution as sequence of SSFRs(13.3. 2021).

Still one question about M8-H duality(11.3. 2021).

Is analysis as cognitive process analogous to scattering?(26.2. 2021).

Is M8-H duality consistent with Fourier analysis at the level of M4× CP2?(25.2. 2021).

Can one regard leptons as effectively local 3-quark composites? (17.2. 2021).

Year 2020

Breakthrough in the understanding of M8-H duality(6.12. 2020).

Three basic pillars of new quantum theory provided by TGD(2.12. 2020).

Could Kähler metric replace unitary S-matrix?(30.11. 2020).

MIP*= RE: What could this mean physically? (27.8. 2020).

What next in TGD? (16.7. 2020).

Fermionic variant of M8-H duality (8.7. 2020).

How the life cycle of self could corresponds to a transition to chaos as iteration of polynomial? (9.6. 2020).

Some new results in M8-H duality(1.6. 2020).

New particle not predicted by standard model discovered?(10.3. 2020).

Still about the topology of elementary particles and hadrons(21.1. 2020).

Year 2019

But can one calculate anything?(31.8. 2019).

M8-H duality and twistor space counterparts of space-time surfaces(5.7. 2019)

Getting critical about twistors in TGD(1.7. 2019)

S-matrix and SUSY in TGD sense(27.6. 2019)

Finiteness for the number of non-vanishing Wick contractions, quantum criticality, and coupling constant evolution(25.6. 2019)

New results related to M8-H duality(17.6. 2019)

Twistors in TGD Universe(17.6. 2019)

TGD view about McKay Correspondence, ADE Hierarchy, and Inclusions of Hyperfinite Factors(17.6. 2019)

SUSY in TGD Universe(17.6. 2019)

McKay correspondence, ADE hierarchy, and inclusions of hyperfinite factors in number theoretical vision(21.5. 2019)

Year 2017

Could second generation of weak bosons explain the reduction of proton charge radius?(14.3. 2017)

Symplectic structure for M4, CP breaking, matter-antimatter asymmetry, and electroweak symmetry breaking(25.1.2016)

Questions about TGD(7.1.2017)

Year 2016

Non-commutative imbedding space and strong form of holography(30.12.2016)

Antimatter as dark matter?(20.12.2016)

Minimal surface cosmology(12.12.2016)

LIGO blackhole anomaly and minimal surface model for star(12.12.2016)

Minimal surface counterpart of Reissner-Nordstöm solution(11.12.2016)

How to build TGD space-time from legos?(6.12.2016)

Can one apply Occam's razor as a general purpose debunking argument to TGD?(6.12.2016)

Critizing the view about elementary particles(8.11.2016)

Does GRT really allow gravitational radiation?(23.8. 2016).

Three reasons for the localization of induced spinor fields at string world sheets (29.2. 2016).

Year 2015

Analogs of quantum matrix groups from finite measurement resolution? (2.12. 2015).

Variation of Newton's constant and of length of day(25.4. 2015).

What went wrong with symmetries(4.2. 2015).

Year 2014

Why TGD and what TGD is?(27.2. 2014).

Class field theory and TGD: does TGD reduce to number theory?(9.2. 2014).

General ideas about octonions, quaternions, and twistors(1.2. 2014).

Year 2011

MOND and TGD(23.5.2011).

Is the effective metric defined by modified gamma matrices effectively one- or two-dimensional?(20.2.2011).

Year 2010

Low viscosity liquids and preferred extremals of Kähler action as perfect fluid flows(28.10.2010).

Topological explanation of family replication phenomenon(28.10.2010).

Considerable progress in generalized Feynman diagrammatics(23.5.2010).

How to perform WCW integrations in generalized Feynman diagrams?(21.5.2010).

Weak form of electric-magnetic duality, particle concept, and Feynman diagrammatics (10.5.2010).

Topological Geometrodynamics: Three Visions (10.1.2010).

Year 2009

What one really means with virtual particle? (23.1.2009).

The most recent view about massless particles and particle massivation (22.1.2009).

The recent view about the construction of configuration space spinor structure(19.1.2009)

Vision about quantization of Planck constant (19.1.2009)

Year 2008

The relationship between super-canonical and Super Kac-Moody algebras, Equivalence Principle, and justification of p-adic thermodynamics(27.6.2008)

What goes wrong with string theories? (14.5.2008)

Could a symplectic analog of conformal field theory be relevant for quantum TGD? (13.6.2008)

Infinite primes and algebraic Brahman=Atman identity (7.5.2008)


Configuration space gamma matrices as hyper-octonion valued conformal fields having values in HFF? (7.5.2008)

How p-adic coupling constant evolution and p-adic length scale hypothesis emerge from quantum TGD proper? (7.2.2008)

Year 2007

One element field, quantum measurement theory and its q-variant, and the Galois fields associated with infinite primes (11.12.2007)

Connes tensor product and perturbative expansion in terms of generalized braid diagrams (22.10.2007)

Number theoretic braids and global view about anti-commutations of induced spinor fields (22.10.2007)

Geometric view about Higgs mechanism (7.10.2007)

Fractional Quantum Hall effect in TGD framework (1.10.2007)

A further generalization of the notion of imbedding space (21.9.2007)

Does the quantization of Kähler coupling strength reduce to the quantization of Chern-Simons coupling at partonic level? (26.6.2007)

S-matrix as a functor and the groupoid like structure formed by S-matrices (20.6.2007)

Dark matter hierarchy corresponds to a hierarchy of quantum critical systems in modular degrees of freedom (5.6.2007)

Elementary particle vacuum functionals for dark matter and why fermions can have only three families (4.6.2007)

Sierpinski topology and quantum measurement theory with finite measurement resolution (10.5.2007)

About microscopic description of dark matter (6.5.2007)

Could also gauge bosons correspond to wormhole contacts? (27.3.2007)

Jones inclusions and the construction of S-matrix and U-matrix (16.2.2007)

Year 2006

Comments about p-adic mass calculations (8.10.2006)

About the identification of Kac Moody algebra and corresponding Virasoro algebra (8.10.2006)

Quantization of the modified Dirac action (1.10.2006)

Do also the zeros of Riemann poly-zeta relate to quantum criticality? (8.8.2006)

Absolute extremum property for Kähler action implies dynamical Kac-Moody and super conformal symmetries (22.8.2006)

Zeros of Riemann Zeta as conformal weights, braids, Jones inclusions, and number theoretical universality of quantum TGD (19.8.2006)

Tree like structure for the imbedding space (24.5.2006)

Precise definition of the notion of unitarity for Connes tensor product (24.5.2006)

Does the quantization of Planck constant transform integer quantum Hall effect to fractional quantum Hall effect? (18.5.2006)

Large values of Planck constant and coupling constant evolution (16.5.2006)

Could the basic parameters of TGD be fixed by a number theoretical miracle? (13.5.2006)

New results in planetary Bohr orbitology (10.5.2006)

Connes tensor product as universal interaction, quantization of Planck constant, McKay correspondence, etc... (8.5.2006)

Von Neumann inclusions, quantum group, and quantum model for beliefs (25.4.2006)

Does TGD reduce to inclusion sequence of number theoretic von Neumann algebras?(24.4.2006)

Why the number of visible elementary particle families is three? (25.3.2006).

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