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Year 2022

Evidence for the absence of galactic dark matter halos (19.10. 2022).

Why do meteors always land in craters? (7.10. 2022).

Are space-time boundaries possible in the TGD framework? (21.9. 2022).

TGD inspired model for freezing in nano scales (16.9. 2022).

Could inert neutrinos be dark neutrinos in the TGD sense? (23.6. 2022).

Can the initial stellar mass distribution of galaxy really depend on its distance from Earth? (31.5. 2022).

p-Adic particle massivation and entanglement: are all physical states massless?! (25.5. 2022).

The orbits of satellite galaxies tend to be in plane (16.5. 2022).

The amount of He-4 in atmosphere is 10 times too high(16.5. 2022).

Superconductivity dome rises from damped phonons (1.2. 2022).

Bosonic strange metals and the oscillatory behavior of the magnetoresistance (16.1. 2022).

The mysterious linear temperature dependence of resistance of strange metals (15.1. 2022).

Year 2021

Mott insulators learn like living organisms(19.11. 2021).

Quantum hydrodynamics in nuclear physics and hadron physics(27.10. 2021).

The emergence of twistors from M8-H duality(27.10. 2021).

Braids, anyons, and Galois groups(26.10. 2021).

Adelic physics and quantum measurement theory(26.10. 2021).

Galois confinement (25.10. 2021).

TGD and Quantum Hydrodynamics(28.9. 2021).

The recent view about TGD and applications to condensed matter(8.9. 2021).

Surprises from Milky Way(11.8. 2021).

Hyperon problem of stellar cores in TGD framework(8.8. 2021).

Connection with parity breaking, massivation, and PCAC hypothesis (19.7. 2021).

Possible implications of the TGD based model of superconductivity (19.7. 2021).

The 4 anomalies of BCS model of superconductivity in TGD framework (19.7. 2021).

Beltrami flow as space-time correlate for non-dissipative flow (19.7. 2021).

Comparing the Berry phase model of super-conductivity with the TGD based model (16.7. 2021).

Cosmic spinning filaments that are too long (20.6. 2021).

Pomeron and Odderon from TGD point of view (21.2. 2021).

Three unexpected findings in hadron and nuclear physics from TGD point of view(3.2. 2021).

Year 2020

Electron tunnelling as evidence for zero energy ontology(30.6. 2020).

Basic organic molecules emerge much earlier than they should(14.6. 2020).

The implications of .5 MeV and 3.5 keV monochromatic lines for TGD based nuclear model(30.3. 2020).

Could TGD provide new solutions to the energy problem?(19.3. 2020).

Helium problem and CNO problem: two anomalies explained by dark fusion(1.2. 2020).

Magnetars as additional support for monopole flux tubes(29.1. 2020).

Too young to be so heavy(28.1. 2020).

Cosmic strings and angular momentum problem of General Relativity(25.1. 2020).

Evidence for 3 different temperatures at galactic halo(20.1. 2020).

Direct astrophysical evidence for monopole flux tubes(19.1. 2020).

A model for the formation of galaxies(16.1. 2020).

Support for TGD view about galactic dark matter(10.1. 2020).

An objection against the notion of dark energy(7.1. 2020).

EMC effect in nuclear string model(3.11. 2020).

Year 2019

Observation of a time reversal of a blackchole like object?(5.12. 2019)

Did cosmology have dark ages at all?(3.12. 2019)

Snow flakes and macroscopic quantum self-organization (2.12.2019)

Evidence for anisotropic acceleration of cosmic expansion(29.11. 2019)

Too heavy blackhole in Milky Way(29.11. 2019)

Blackholes, quasars, and galactic blackholes(26.11. 2019)

Cosmological time anomalies and zero energy ontology(26.11. 2019)

Some remarks about cosmic string model for the formation of galaxies and stars(17.11. 2019)

Youthful Oldies(13.11. 2019)

The notion of length scale dependent cosmological constant(29.10. 2019)

Minimization of Gibbs free energy as thermodynamical variational principle in TGD framework(27.9. 2019)

How the new view about solar fusion forces to change the ordinary views about nuclear physics?(16.9. 2019)

New predictions from the flux tube model of galaxies (16.9. 2019)

Solar metallicity problem from TGD perspective(14.9. 2019)

Heavy element surprise (11.6.2019)

About physical interpretation of ramified primes in TGD framework (14.4.2019)

Shnoll effect decade later (11.4.2019)

Solution of renormalization group equation for flux tubes having minimum string tension and RG evolution in terms of Riemann zeta(2.1.2019)

Reduction of coupling constant evolution to that of cosmological constant(1.1.2019)

Year 2018

BCS super conductivity at almost room temperature (18.12.2018)

Intelligent blackholes (13.12.2018)

What does one really mean with gravitational Planck constant? (6.12.2018)

TGD view about quasars (6.12.2018)

Could dark protons and electrons be involved with di-electric breakdown in gases and conduction in electrolytes? (16.11.2018)

The analogs of CKM mixing and neutrino oscillations for particle and its dark variants (17.10.2018)

Is dark DNA dark also in TGD sense (1.10.2018)

Is it possible to determine experimentally whether gravitation is quantal interaction? (17.9.2018)

Did LIGO observe non-standard value of G and are galactic blackholes really supermassive? (9.9.2018)

Deviation from the prediction of standard quantum theory for radiative energy transfer in faraway region (6.9.2018)

Galois groups and genes (4.9.2018)

Is the hierarchy of Planck constants behind the reported variation of Newton's constant (3.9.2018)

How could Planck length be actually equal to much larger CP2 radius?! (23.8.2018)

Unexpected support for nuclear string model (15.8.2018)

About the physical interpretation of the velocity parameter in the formula for the gravitational Planck constant (8.8.2018)

An island at which body size shrinks (5.8.2018)

Badly behaving photons again (31.7.2018)

Two new findings related to high Tc super-conductivity (27.7.2018)

About Comorosan effect in the clustering of RNA II polymerase proteins (25.6.2018)

Why do RNA polymerase molecules cluster? (25.6.2018)

The discovery of "invisible visible matter" and more detailed view about dark pre-nuclear physics (23.6.2018)

Did animal mitochondrial evolution have a long period of stagnation? (8.6.2018)

The experiments of Masaru Emoto with emotional imprinting of water (8.5.2018)

How molecules in cells "find" one another and organize into structures? (15.4.2018)

Maxwell's lever rule and expansion of water in freezing: two poorly understood phenomena (14.4.2018)

Superfluids dissipate! (3.2.2018)

Condensed matter simulation of 4-D quantum Hall effect from TGD point of view (12.1.2018)

Exciton-polariton Bose-Einstein condensate at room temperature and heff hierarchy (7.1.2018)

Year 2017

How the ionization is possible in living matter? (30.12.2017)

About the biological role of low valence ions (27.12.2017)

Valence bond theory from the hierarchy of Planck constants (19.12.2017)

Misbehaving Ruthenium atoms (25.11.2017)

Positron anomaly nine years later (20.11.2017)

Mysteriously disappearing valence electrons of rare Earth metals and hierarchy of Planck constants (4.11.2017)

Dark nucleosynthesis and stellar evolution (2.11.2017)

Summary of the model of dark nucleosynthesis (29.10.2017)

The lost history from TGD perspective (26.10.2017)

What is the IQ of neutron star? (23.10.2017)

More about dark nucleosynthesis (6.10.2017)

Comparison of Widom-Larsen model with TGD inspired models of CF/LENR or whatever it is (6.10.2017)

Three books about cold fusion/LENR (6.10.2017)

How to demonstrate quantum superposition of classical gravitational fields? (14.7.2017)

Anomalous neutron production from an arc current in gaseous hydrogen (3.6.2017)

Non-local production of photon pairs as support for heff/h=n hypothesis (1.4.2017)

Hierarchy of Planck constants, space-time surfaces as covering spaces, and adelic physics (30.1.2017)

Time crystals, macroscopic quantum coherence, and adelic physics (30.1.2017)

Why metabolism and what happens in bio-catalysis? (30.1.2017)

NMP and self (25.1.2017)

WCW and the notion of intentional free will (25.1.2017)

Anomalies of water as evidence for dark matter in TGD sense (15.1.2017)

About number theoretic aspects of NMP (7.1.2017)

Year 2016

How the transition to superconductive state could be induced by classical radiation? (27.12.2016)

Room temperature superconductivity for alkanes (26.12. 2016).

More precise interpretation of gravitational Planck constant (24.11. 2016).

Could Pollack effect make cell membrane a self-loading battery? (9.9. 2016).

ER=EPR and TGD (3.9. 2016).

Cloning of maximally negentropic states is possible: DNA replication as cloning of this kind of states? (25.8. 2016).

Wigner's friend and Schrödinger's cat (18.8. 2016).

Eigenstates of Yangian co-algebra generators as a manner to generate maximal entanglement?(18.8. 2016).

Do magnetic monopoles exist? (17.8.2016)

Pear-shaped Barium nucleus as evidence for large parity breaking effects in nuclear scales (21.7.2016)

Lightnings, dark matter, and lepto-pion hypothesis again (12.7.2016)

Magnetic body, biophotons, and prediction of scaled variant of EEG (28.6.2016)

Comparing TGD view about quantum biology with McFadden's views (25.6.2016)

Is bio-catalysis a shadow of dark bio-catalysis based on generalization of genetic code? (22.6.2016)

Are sound-like bubbles whizzing around in DNA are essential to life? (22.6.2016)

Could dark DNA, RNA, tRNA and amino-acids correspond to different charge states of codons? (20.6.2016)

About physical representations of genetic code in terms of dark nuclear strings (18.6.2016)

Is the sum of p-adic negentropies equal to real entropy? (7.6. 2016).

X boson as evidence for nuclear string model (26.5. 2016).

Badly behaving photons and space-time as 4-surface (25.5. 2016).

Could the replication of mirror DNA teach something about chiral selection? (20.5. 2016).

One step further in the understanding the origins of life (17.5. 2016).

Phase transition temperatures of 405-725 K in superfluid ultra-dense hydrogen clusters on metal surfaces (3.5. 2016).

NMP and adelic physics (18.4. 2016).

Is cold fusion becoming a new technology? (6.4. 2016).

Tensor networks and S-matrices (19.3. 2016).

Holography and Quantum Error Correcting Codes: TGD View (14.3. 2016).

Reactor antineutrino anomaly as indication for new nuclear physics predicted by TGD (22.2. 2016).

Nematics and superconductors (7.2. 2016).

Quantization of thermal conductance and quantum thermodynamics (4.2. 2016).

Could cold fusion solve the problems of the standard view about nucleosynthesis? (2.2. 2016).

Bacteria behave like spin system: Why? (23.1. 2016).

Quantum phase transitions and 4-D spin glass energy landscape (20.1. 2016).

What's New In TGD Inspired View About Phase Transitions? (19.1. 2016).

What ZEO can give to the description of criticality? (17.1. 2016).

More about BMS supertranslations (9.1. 2016).

Solution of the Ni62 mystery of Rossi's E-Cat (1.1. 2016).

Year 2015

Could electrolysis involve dark matter and new physics? (30.12. 2015).

Cold Fusion Again (29.12. 2015).

Analogs of quantum matrix groups from finite measurement resolution? (2.12. 2015).

Evidence for macroscopic quantum coherence of fluid flow at criticality(20.9. 2015).

TGD inspired view about blackholes and Hawking radiation(27.8. 2015).

About negentropic quantum entanglement as an analog of an error correcting code(18.8. 2015).

Quantum measurement and quantum computation in TGD Universe(13.8. 2015).

Are bacteria able to induce super-fluidity?(27.7. 2015).

Topological order in Quantum TGD(21.7. 2015).

Deconstruction and reconstruction in quantum physics and conscious experience(21.7. 2015).

A new control mechanism of TGD inspired quantum biology(8.7. 2015).

Does the physics of SmB6 make the fundamental dynamics of TGD directly visible?(6.7. 2015).

Discretization and quantum group description as different aspects of finite measurement resolution(26.6.2015).

Two kinds of negentropic entanglements(19.6.2015).

Quantitative model of high Tc super-conductivity and bio-super-conductivity(4.5. 2015).

Updated Negentropy Maximization Principle(5.5.2015).

Individual nucleons inside nuclei do not behave according to predictions(27.1.2015).

Quantization of conductance in neutral matter as evidence for many-sheeted space-time?(6.1.2015).

Year 2014

Test cases for the hypothesis that dark matter is generated at criticality(6.12.2014).

Mathematical understanding of the connection between criticality and dark matter in TGD framework(5.12.2014).

Could the flux tubes carrying dark matter carry monopole flux?(5.12.2014).

Does a phase transition generating dark matter accompany criticality?(2.12.2014).

Criticality and dark matter(2.12.2014).

Is heff=hgr hypothesis really consistent with TGD inspired quantum biology?(2.12.2014).

The behavior of superfluids in gravitational field (2.12.2014).

Year 2013

Negentropic entanglement, NMP, braiding and TQC(30.12.2013).

NMP and intelligence(29.11.2013).

More precise formulation of NMP(2.6.2013).

The TGD variant of the model of Widom and Larsen for cold fusion (24.10.2013)

Could photosensitive emulsions make dark matter visible?(2.9. 2013).

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